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Camping Swag

Your Camping Swag and things to consider

Camping in a swag is a fantastic and fun way to explore the outdoors!  You can get back to nature and sleep under the stars, and enjoy great times with family and friends!  

They're a great way to go for everyone who loves fishing, campfires, bush-walking, beaches and enjoying the outdoors lifestyle!

The camping swag is experiencing a massive resurgence in Australia with Aussie campers campers choosing to go back to the camping swag in alternative to a tent.  It is just such a real experience and nothing beats sleeping under the stars!

The camping swag is a convenient and easy way to get out camping quickly and efficiently with your bed and tent all in one. Set up time is super fast and simple and they can be taken almost anywhere.

What will you need on your swag camping trip?

Firstly, consider the weather and conditions at your camping destination. Is it going to be cold, possible rain, or hot and sunny.  This will of course impact your needs and what's best to pack for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

If you have plenty of space in your vehicle this open up your options as you can indulge in bringing a bit of extra gear. Also what are the facilities at the place you'll be setting up your camping swag?  Is there bbq's already of other facilities you can use that will save you packing too much gear.

Generally it's most desirable to pack these as your basics:

  • your camping swag of course!
  • a folding chair
  • a small table 
  • an esky or small camp fridge
  • basic food supplies
  • a good camp light 
  • a torch
  • sleeping bag
  • possibly bring water (depending on location)
  • kitchen utensils
  • camp stove or camp bbq

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you might need. Consider the activities you will be doing also when deciding on the things you'll need to bring, for example fishing, swimming and bush-walking.

Your Camping Swag

A comfortable camping swag and sleeping bag is the key to a good night's sleep and a great all-round trip! We have two of the most popular styles of camping swags here. You may like to check out our single swag, king single swag, and double swags.

Double size swags can accommodate 2 people but are also popular for individuals who want that extra inside room to spread out and store some gear.

Camping in a swag is an awesome fun experience that once you're tried, you'll keep going back to! It's the ultimate way to experience the great Aussie outdoors and make fantastic memories!




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