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How To Choose The Best Camping Swag For Your Needs:

Swags are an awesome choice for getting away quickly and simply with a grab and go all in one sleeping tent and bed.
They pack up smaller than a canvas tent and set up really quickly so you can settle in to your camping spot and enjoy!
There's a lot to consider when choosing the right swag for you, so let's take a look.

The basics of camping Swags:

  • Compact, easy to store and carry
  • Comfortable, tough and ready to go with a built-in mattress
  • Canvas material that's durable and waterproof 
  • Strong in windy conditions and bad weather
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Popular because they're compact light and simple to set up
  • Fast growing popularity among campers who want a fast set up and for people needing a quick and easy accommodation solution for overnighters with friends and family.

What is the best swag for camping?

What you want to use the swag for will affect your selection, though you might want to consider these things:

  • Where you'll be using the swag and what will the weather conditions be like?
  • How much space do you need for yourself or as a couple?
  • Do you prefer top access with star viewing or side access with sun shade?
  • Would you prefer a large swag for one or a compact biker swag that packs up the smallest?
  • How long are your camping trips and what features do you feel suit your needs?

Swag Canvas Weight and Durability;

 The canvas weight may be a major consideration to you depending on your needs.  Heavier canvas will last longer and is tougher and more durable, though it is also heavier and bulkier making the entire product a bigger parcel when packed up.  Do you have room to store and transport a larger swag? That will depend on your individual situation.


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