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Our Swags - Weisshorn Swag Review

What is the Best Brand of Swag?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. What is the best swag? And the answer is, it depends!  But without leaving you hanging, there are a number of aspects to look at and things to consider which we will go over here.  First let's start by realizing that what's the best brand of swag is not the right question, but more what features are of value to me, how will I be using the swag, how often and in what conditions, how will I carry and store it and so on. So we will refer much of the information presented back to the Weisshorn swag and this will provide a good all round picture of swags and what to look consider.

Are Swags Comfortable?

Again a question like this depends on what you're comparing them to! We's say yes they are comfortable, and some more than others.  Is camping ever as comfortable as your bed at home?  It is for me.  What can be better than sleeping with the sounds of the outdoors surrounding you, cozy and tucked in to your swag bedding or sleeping bag?  

Most swags have relatively thin mattresses because they need to roll up with the swag.  The downsize of a thicker mattress is that there's more weight and more bulk which makes carrying it and storing it an issue to consider.  

There are still a range of mattress depths and foam density used in swag mattresses on the market, so you should weigh up price, vs weight and bulk vs comfort.  Thinner is not necessarily less comfortable too, depending on the quality and density of the foam used.

Some swag campers carry an extra self-inflating mattress that can optionally be used along with the swags built in mattress for that extra bit of luxury, but this will come down to individual preference and factors like your size and how extended your swag camping trips will be. 

What is Swag Size?

Swags come in lots of different shapes and sizes.  What originated in the days of the early settlers as a bedroll for transient workers, or "swagmen" as they become known, has developed into the variety of modern swags available today.  Most swags come with a fully enclosed cover of some sort which has obvious benefits when sleeping outside on the ground, and they also come in numerous shapes and sizes.  Mostly you will come across the single swag, king single and double sizes.  Most brands adhere loosely to this though the specifics of each size will vary between manufacturers.

The Weisshorn swag comes in two styles which are based on what has been proven the most popular in the market, the tapered dome swag which opens up at the top to the stars at night, and the cylindrical style dome swag with the wing flap openings on each side. Each is different and both have their benefits, it depends on the features that you prefer and value more for the intended use.

The three sizes we stock are the single or 'biker swag' as it's known because it's compact size and lighter weight make it suitable for motorcyclists to strap onto their bikes and go touring.  This size is also good for growing kids and teens, and adults who don't need a lot of space. It's a bit narrower than a single bed, but is longer than a standard single bed.  The tapered style dome swags are narrower at the foot end and the cover is lower to the ground at the foot end too, helping to reduce extra bulk when packed up with unnecessary canvas cover and foot space.

The king single is the the next size up for most brands and comes with dimensions similar to a king single bed.  So this one is still designed for one but that little bit of extra space goes a long way and for this reason the king single is a very popular choice with many people. It is often considered to be the happy medium between practical and comfortable sleeping space and the weight and bulk of a rolled up swag (and then there' price consideration too as a bigger size also costs more).

The double swag is similar is size to a double bed and is designed for use with two, but if you're a bigger person or you just like a big bed then a double swag could be the right choice.  Consider the extra weight and size of the bigger swag though. Will it easily fit into or onto your vehicle and do you have somewhere to store it at home when you're not using it.

Best Camping Swags:

Again, it's about what is best for you and your needs and intended use with your swag. Will you be going into challenging conditions?  Long or short trips? Frequent trips or only once or twice a year? Hot or cold weather? How will you carry and store it?  What is your budget for your new swag and how much do you need to spend to get the features you want?

A lot of swags are still made in Australia and this is a nice element but the fact is that Australian manufacturing drives the cost of producing a swag up considerably.  It's up to you to decide if that is a factor as you will tend to pay a couple of hundred dollars more for a comparable product that's manufactured here simply because of the price of Australian labour.

Weisshorn swags are constructed offshore to exacting standards that suit the Aussie market, allowing us to provide incredible value. We think that a couple of hundred dollars kept in your pocket while still providing a quality, well designed and well constructed swag is a good option for most people.

Look for the features that suit you when choosing your swag.  Does it open at the side or top? How do you get into and out of the model you're considering? Does it have the ventilation that suits you and the design that's aligned with your preferences?  Where are the windows and pockets inside?  Are the zips durable? Is the canvas weight right for you?  

Most swags are made from 320gsm to 450gsm canvas and again there are pros and cons.  Obvoiusly heavier gauge is longer lasting but it also adds bulk and weight - so how heavy is durable enough?

Our Weisshorn swags are constructed of 380gsm canvas that we feel is right in the sweet spot with being strong, durable and long lasting without being excessively heavy or bulky.

We hope the above information has provided you with some food for thought about what's the right swag for you. All the specifics of each or our swags are outlined in detail on each product page and you can view our full range of swags here.

We ship all orders same day or next business day and deliver direct to you. And we're an Aussie business so if you have any questions we're just a phone call away!


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