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Swag Review - Canvas Camping Swags Review - 2020


A great camping swag is a must for an enjoyable camping getaway, but how to choose?  What are the important elements of a swag that you should consider when buying a new swag?   Though considerations will vary from person to person and your individual needs, we've outlined a number of points to consider when making your choice in buying the swag that's right for you.

 What is the best camping swag?

The answer is - it will depend!  What features are most important to you and how will you be using your new swag?  So while there is no single best swag for every person and use, here are some points to look in to.

The weight of the canvas in the swag:

Top selling swags on the market today come in a range of canvas weights. Heavy weight has the advantage of strength and durability but comes with extra bulk and weight.  So apart from how much and what kind of use your swag will get you should also consider how much room your vehicle has to carry all your gear and where will your store your swag at home when not in use?  Most swags on the market range from 320gsm to 450gsm. It will depend on your needs whether you want to go lighter weight, heavy weight or somewhere in the middle.


The ventilation in the swag:

The importance of ventilation will depend a lot on what kind of weather conditions you expect to mostly be experiencing when using your swag.  If you're looking at a lot of cold weather and winter camping in your swag then ventilation won't be your top priority, though if you're heading north or planning on mostly warm weather camping then you should look at this aspect with more seriously.

Good ventilation in warmer conditions is crucial to a comfortable night's sleep in warm weather.  Also what is the screen mesh like and will it keep the small bugs out of your swag while you're sleeping!

Any extra features the swag has that can enhance your camping experience:

Does it set up quickly and easily?  How bulky is it when packed up? (and does this matter to you?) Are ropes, pegs and accessories sturdy enough for their intended use and longevity?  Does it have internal pockets and are they located in a convenient place? Will I be using a tarp over my swag in bad weather and if not is access in the rain going to leave the bedding wet or muddy?

All the little features can impact your experience.  If you have in mind the sort of conditions you will predominantly be experiencing it will be easier to decide the kinds of features and inclusions that will matter to you.

Swag set up time and simplicity:

Quick and simple set up is a bonus for most campers, particularly if you're moving around a bit or might end up setting up in the dark or low light conditions.  Truthfully, most swags are pretty straight forward to set up, but some are more challenging than others.  In the dark or in poor weather little details can become a big pain, so you might want to consider this when looking at different designs.

Mattress comfort and size, versus bulk of your rolled up swag:

This is an interesting one.  Everyone wants a comfortable mattress to sleep on but you don't want to take excessive bulk in most cases.  Again, this will depend on your personal preferences, how much use your swag will get and how much room you have to carry and store your swag. Most brands have a 50mm to 90mm mattress of varying quality foam.  If you like a thicker or softer mattress than what's available there is also the option of bringing along a separate self inflating mattress to use in conjunction with the mattress that's included with the swag.  If you choose to do this check carefully that the dimensions of the mattress will suit the floor area of yoru swag.

How much does the swag cost?

Swags vary a lot in price and a big factor is the final cost to the consumer comes down to manufacturing.  Australian made swags tend to cost more because the labour is more expensive, while overseas manufactured swags can keep costs down due to lower cost of labour in the manufacturing country.

Some feel that Australian made is best while others are happy to buy brands constructed offshore with equivalent quality.  Again, it's a matter of opinion and will depend from brand to brand.  We recommend getting the swag that appeals to you the most strongly with all of the above considerations and what you think offers the best value for money to suit your needs.

In conclusion

The choice is all yours!  The above will hopefully provide you with some things to think about when deciding what suits your needs.  If you would like to view our full range of swags you can see them by clicking here.


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