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The King Single Dome Swag by Weisshorn - Review

The Weisshorn Swag - King Single

The Weisshorn swag offers one of the best value for money camping swags available to the Australian market.  It strikes a balance between a compact very manageable size while still maintaining all the features of a well constructed swag.

King single weisshorn swag

A consideration when buying a swag is the weight of the canvas and materials used.  But what needs to be factored in here is the size a bulk of the packed swag for storing and travelling with.  
Some swags pack up to an enormous size which which is fine for some, but generally it's much more difficult to transport, store and carry a massive swag.  If you're going bush for months at a time, this might be the kind of swag for you but generally most swag campers are recreational campers using it for weekend trips and the odd week or two away.  


If that sounds like you, this is the sort of camper the Weisshorn swag was made for.

It has a number of great features, is made from a medium weight rip-stop poly cotton canvas and packs into a very manageable sized carry bag so it can be easily stored and carried in your vehicle.

The Weisshorn king single swag weighs in at just over 10kg and packs into a bag that's 81 x 40 x 40 cm. 

Inside the Weisshorn swag box:

When it arrives you might be surprised how compact the box is. The foam mattress is compression packed and wrapped up tight for transport which makes a big difference to the bulk for shipping.  Once you've unpacked it for the first time the foam will take a while to expand back to it's original depth.

Inside the package you will get;

  • the swag
  • the mattress
  • carry bag with sturdy zip and handles
  • 6 pegs
  • 4 ropes
  • instruction sheet
  • inflatable pillow
  • 3 aluminium curved poles

At first the carry bag seems too big for the swag but once it's unpacked for the first time you'll find the size is just right.  

The Weisshorn Swag Features:

  • mesh window at the head which zips open for access
  • mesh vent at foot end
  • pull out canvas weather awning at both ends which peg out to hold the swag in place
  • left and right side internal storage pockets for keys, phone etc
  • nylon zip off washable cover on mattress
  • waterproof bucket floor
  • sky mesh with twin full-length zippers for main access
  • Full length canvas weather cover across the top section
  • 3 poles - head, middle and foot that each slide into a canvas pocket to carry the weight of the swag (not just hanging off plastic hooks).
  • head and foot side hooks that clip the canvas out to the poles
  • 2 boot mats / entry mats for head and side access


General overview of the Weisshorn swag:

The swag is a mid range product offering great value for money. It sets up easily and packs away quickly and simply and easily fits into the carry bag provided.

The mid weight canvas is strong and light and heavy enough to be long last and sturdy, while still remaining light enough to pack up relatively small compared to many other swags.

The construction of this swag is good and a few well thought out features like having the guy ropes at the head and foot end threading through an eyelet and around the poles, rather than tugging on a stitched loop that is bound to fail at some point.  This allows the swag to be set up taught without the risk of damaging it.

The pegs are a good size for the swag, not too light and are well suited to securing the tension in the swags set up.

The tie down straps to secure the rolled up swag are stitched in to the foot end of the swag so you can't lose them which is a handy feature when camping and gear tends to get spread around a bit.

The packed up size is a big plus.  Not everyone has a large four wheel drive or a roof top cage rack to carry a really large swag and having a very functional and durable swag that you can still easily throw in to the back seat is really useful to a lot of people.

 This swag will perform in most conditions and for care an longevity of the swag it's recommended to set up on a ground sheet or tarp to protect the floor. Setting up under an awning or rigging up a tarp over your swag is a good way to keep sun and rain off, allow much easier access if it is raining and give you a protected space to keep some of your gear.

The weisshorn king single swag is a very popular choice because it offers so much for an exceptional price. It's a great swag that promises a lot of fantastic swag camping fun and memories for years to come.


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