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To make it easier for you to picture the different sizes of the swags, this chart compares to the Aussie standard bed sizes that you're familiar with.


When you're buying a new swag you need a good idea of exactly what size it is to gauge what best suits you, your size and your needs.

The best way we've found to get a good feel for the size of your new swag is to compare it to the standard bed sizes you're familiar with.

Below is a table of our three sizes of swags and our two designs compared to the dimensions of Aussie standard bed sizes.  

(The Tapered swag refers to the swag design that is lower at the foot end.)


swag size comparison chart



  • Biker/Single Swag:  85x210cm  Single bed: 92 x 188cm   
  • King Single Swag: 100x205cm (tapered swag) | 95 x 205cm (wing swag) | KS Bed:107 x 204cm 
  • Double Swag: 155x210cm (tapered swag) | 145 x 205cm (wing swag)    Double bed: 138 x 188cm
  • [Queen bed size for reference: 153 x 204cm)





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